Your Health Insurance Should Also Cover These 5 Areas


Not all citizens in the world experience free healthcare services. While those living in Canada do enjoy that benefit, majority of the global population need to pay a lot of money to receive medical attention.

If you work in an office or if you’ve paid for your own health insurance, chances are you only have to worry about monthly payments and not the big, one-time costs of a medical procedure or executive checkup. However, do you know your existing health insurance coverage? While most health insurance providers cover basic medical procedures, it pays to have an insurance that also takes care of your other health needs.

Here are five health or medical areas that your insurance should also cover.

Preventive Checks

A vaccine for hepatitis, human papillomavirus, or even rabies can be costly and heavy for your budget. Health insurance coverage should include vaccinations and other preventive checks for your urine, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels. Yearly preventive checks allow patients like you to detect diseases early on and thus prevent further complications from happening. Since medical professionals advocate that prevention is better than cure, go ahead and ask for the same principle form your health insurance providers.


Being pregnant is different from being ill, but it also involves major healthcare costs for you. You can understand some healthcare providers who exclude pregnancy from coverage areas, but if your insurance does cover pregnancies, consider yourself lucky. Your medical insurance should cover those regular visits to the OB gynecologist for ultrasound and general consultation, after all.

Dental Procedures

A good health insurance should also cover routine dental procedures like prophylaxis, fluoride washes, and maybe even tooth extractions. However, advanced procedures like dental implants and impacted tooth extractions may be excluded. When getting a medical insurance, make sure to ask about your dental health needs with the consultants. After all, you only get one set of adult teeth in your lifetime, so do everything you can to protect those pearly whites.

Physical Therapy

If you live an active and adventurous life, chances are you have visited a physical therapist at least once in your life. Most medical insurance providers do ask about lifestyle for clients, though, so your skydiving trips can be a risk for them. If you’re an athlete, your healthcare provider should cover your visits for physical therapy. Your minor and major injuries should be covered as well.

Psychological Health

Mental health is as important as your physiological health, maybe even more so because your mind runs everything that’s happening to your body. Not all health insurance products cover visits to a psychiatrist or even marriage counselors, though, so go ahead and ask the consultant about this detail if you believe that it should also be taken care of.

Protect your overall health and ask about these details when applying for a health insurance. It pays to be prepared after all.

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