5 Lucrative Fields for College Graduates Who Want Financial Stability

Are you a current college student who considers changing a major? If you have a passion for things outside of your current college course, perhaps it’s time to consider shifting to these fields now. After all, why waste time learning about things that you will only forget after a few years. There are physics majors who now work in the marketing industry, and there are also biochemists who want to make furniture for a living.

In any case, it helps to know which industry generates the most lucrative income for its practitioners. As they say, money can’t buy happiness but it is more comfortable to cry in a convertible sports car than in a bicycle, especially if it’s raining outside.

Here are five careers that you can work in if you want financial stability.


Engineers of various specializations enjoy some of the biggest salaries worldwide. Engineers in the fields of oil production, nuclear energy, aerospace, and biomedicine handle life-changing and essential output after all. If these seem too specialized for you, you can also work on civil, mechanical, industrial, or electronics and communication engineering disciplines. Even fresh graduates who work on these fields enjoy a better salary than, say, an office worker who has been working on the same thing for five years.


It’s no wonder that most parents dream of having a doctor, nurse, or dentist for a child. After all, it’s expensive to get healthcare services these days, which means that medical researchers, practitioners, and service providers also enjoy a stable income. Even medical transcriptionists enjoy a bigger salary than most people.

Information Technology

IT professionals are a shoo-in for people who earn considerable compensation and benefits especially in the strengthening presence of the internet as a business tool. Data is king, after all, and these system administrators protect and manage sensitive information. Freelance software and app developers also sell products that can be worth millions if sold to the right people and marketed to the right group of consumers.

Business and Economy

Economists run the world, and business practitioners run along as well. They understand finance, foreign exchange, and the stock market, making them gods in terms of marketing, sales, and manufacturing. If you understand the economy, you handle money well and even advise the government on how to best benefit from any money situation.


Studying law can be considered hell, but you’ll be in heaven once you’ve began to establish your own career. This involves hours and hours of reading in school and in practice, so it suits people who love to read and investigate and formulate a working strategy for winning cases. If this sounds like a career for you, go ahead and study law now.

Of course, getting certified and actually starting to practice in these disciplines involve years of hard work. Still, it pays to know which career path to choose especially if you want to live a comfortable life when you retire.

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