Role of teeth in your health

If you believe that the mere role of teeth in your life is to eat and chomp down things then you might be mistaken because according to the researchers, teeth have a much complicated task then just chewing as they hold the key to your whole body system and its workings.

Your oral health is very important because your mouth is constantly building up bacteria. Even though, most of the bacteria are harmless, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the potential of building up cavities and different oral problems. Taking care of your teeth does not only mean that you are saving your pearly shine smile, but it also helps in saving your immune system. Here’s how you are on a risk of different health problems with a dirty mouth (literally):

  • Heart diseases

As we know that cholesterol is one thing which blocks the arteries increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes but there are other contributors as well. When we don’t brush properly, there is a chance of plaque building up on teeth and when this plaque somehow finds its way into the blood system, it can cause blockage of blood flow to the body exactly like cholesterol.

  • Endocarditis

This is a heart condition where infection is spread out onto the lining of heart chambers and valves. This can happen due to the bacteria which are building up in your mouth. Once your gums are damaged to the stage of gingivitis it can cause bleeding in gums. Bleeding opens the doors to the arteries and blood vessels and once the bacteria gains access to blood, it can multiply in there reaching to the heart causing endocarditis. 

  • Diabetes

Many diabetic patients intake insulin medication which lowers sugar level in the blood but for someone who suffers from inflammation of gums, it can make difficult for the insulin to absorb properly. When blood sugar levels are high risk of infection in mouth increases which can again cause inflammation and this cycle goes on in circle to a point where tooth gap increases and you start losing your teeth. That’s when you will be looking for the best dental implant clinic in Dubai

With bad oral hygiene you won’t only be putting your mouth in danger but also health. Your health can’t be treated with best veneers in Dubai like your teeth.

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