Simple Tips About Getting Ready For Your Counselling Session

For first-time patients who will be attending a counselling, the feeling can be overwhelming and scary. There is also a question of how to start the conversation and how you are going to confide with a strangers. This and other things can make counselling seems like a bad idea. But if you are going through a depression treatment in Dubai, psychotherapy is an important part of the healing process.

If you will be having your first counselling session in a few days, here are some simple things that might be able to ease your mind:

  • Do not sweat it

Some people stressed about going to a counselling thinking of where to start. The first rule here not to stress about it too much. Let your psychiatrist lead the way. These professionals have been doing this for quite some time so they probably know the drill. Let them take over the conversation they have probably an outline in mind. Do not overthink the session as it would make you feel anxious as opposed to being calm and relax. Just be there on time and celebrate that you are able to conquer your fear of going to a counselling session. The next part would be up to your psychiatrist.

  • Be open about it

One of the things that make people turn down offers of counselling is for the fear that they cannot trust the person that will be conducting the session. It is pretty normal and valid feeling but it doesn’t mean that you should not get over your fear of going to counselling. Although a session might arouse your trust issues, you need to think that it is important for your recovery. Psychiatrists are not there to judge you but to assess your situation and provide sound advice that can help you get over what you are feeling. Open up a little about your situation and see how your psychiatrist can help you.

  • Do not mind the clock

Sometimes, we look at the clock and think about how long the session would go. But forget about the clock. What you need to focus on is the session and the conversation. Thinking about the time would only make you feel more anxious. As mentioned, let your psychiatrist do the leading and wrapping up of the session.

  • Be affront of how you are feeling

What you are feeling about a certain situation will tell how you are dealing with it. Psychiatrists conducting Dubai counselling and therapy advise their patient to say what they feel on certain situations or questions they are asking. This would help them to validate their feelings and for the psychiatrist to provide appropriate advice for their patients.

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