The Ultimate Guide To Dressing Your Bridesmaids By Body Shape

The Ultimate Guide To Dressing Your Bridesmaids By Body Shape

As a bride, you want your bridesmaids to not only look beautiful but also feel confident and comfortable on your big day. One way to achieve this is by dressing your bridesmaids according to their body shapes. Not all dresses are universally flattering, and choosing styles that complement each bridesmaid’s figure will ensure that everyone feels stunning and radiant. Here’s the ultimate guide to choose reliable bridesmaid dresses.

Pear- shaped bridesmaids:

Pear-shaped bridesmaids typically have narrower shoulders and a smaller bust with wider hips and thighs. To balance their proportions, opt for dresses that accentuate the upper body. A-line or empire waist dresses work well as they cinch the waist and flow over the hips elegantly. Avoid mermaid or trumpet-style dresses that draw attention to the lower body.

Hourglass- shaped bridesmaids:

Hourglass-shaped bridesmaids have well-defined waists with busts and hips of similar widths. Emphasize their curves with dresses that highlight the waist, such as fit-and-flare or wrap dresses. Off-the-shoulder or V-neckline dresses are also flattering for this body shape.

Apple- shaped bridesmaids:

Apple-shaped bridesmaids typically have a fuller bust and midsection with slimmer legs. Empire waist or A-line dresses work well for apple-shaped figures as they create a lengthening effect and draw attention away from the midsection. V-neck or scoop necklines can also be flattering for showcasing the neckline.

Rectangle- shaped bridesmaids:

Rectangle-shaped bridesmaids have straighter figures with minimal curves. Create the illusion of curves by choosing dresses with rushing or draping to add volume. A belt or sash at the waist can also help define and accentuate their curves. Dresses with peplum details or embellishments around the hips can create the illusion of curves as well.

Petite bridesmaids:

For petite bridesmaids, consider shorter hemlines to elongate their legs and create the illusion of height. A sheath or A-line dress can be flattering as they provide a streamlined look without overwhelming their frame. Avoid floor-length gowns that may appear too long on a petite figure.

Tall bridesmaids:

Tall bridesmaids can carry off long dresses beautifully. Consider floor-length gowns or high-low hemlines to accentuate their height. Dresses with straps or sleeves can also complement their taller frame.

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