Is ballistic glass really a glass?

Bullet proof or ballistic glass is normally used for the extra protection of different areas of a building or different buildings which are easy to threaten. They are normally called as a bullet proof glass but in reality they are not actually made of glass but of different materials that create the look of glass along with giving the extra strength to it. These chemicals include polycarbonate, glass-clad polycarbonate and acrylic. They are used in different quantities according to the level of protection needed from them. One factory will manufacture a lot of different kinds of ballistic glass and ballistic glass doors so that they can provide a variety of it to the customers. They are of about different thickness too and the thicker ones will provide more protection but they are not actually bullet proof. They just provide an extra layer of safety but if they are hit but bullets for more times or through a shorter distance then the bullet will likely to break that protective layer but with putting so much effort to it.

Many of the times the ballistic glasses are used inside the banks and schools. In banks they have been used around the area of the key staff and the asset management area so that they will get some extra protection and they will spare some time if the bank will go under a theft, in the mean time they can call to the security organizations or police. In these areas the glass will be used of more thickness and with the special paper inside so that people from outside will not be able to see what is going in there but the inner people will see that clearly. The main reason of this paper is for giving the time to inform the security and secure the assets. In schools these are also used to provide extra protection to the little kids who cannot protect themselves.

When you go to a good company then it will also provide you solutions according to your need and you will also be able to get the customized ballistic glass made from them. You just need to tell them about your requirements and they will provide your assistance for that. These are also used in different health care related areas like hospitals and pharmacies. Try to contact with the most experienced ones.

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