5 Sales Problems And Ways To Rectify Them

Sales is considered as one of the most important aspect of the business. The performance of the sales department has a direct effect on the company’s financial growth. If the sales team is doing well, expect that a company is on the right track on achieving their business goals. But if the sales performance has been dismal, expect some struggles in terms of financial standing.

Which is why it is important for business owners to identify the pain points that are causing poor sales performance. Training institutes in UAE compiled a list of top sales problems and ways to resolve them:

  1. Long sales cycles

In the business industry, time is considered money. The main goal of a salesperson is to minimize the sales cycle and close a deal as soon as possible. The more time a sales personnel spend on convincing a client to subscribe to a service or a product, the lesser the chance of closing the deal. A long sales cycle would mean that there is a problem with the negotiation process. You need to see know what keeps a client from fulfilling the sales funnel so you can address his/her concern.

  1. Ineffective sales follow ups

According to training companies that provide sales training in Dubai, one of the most common mistakes that is usually committed by a salesperson is not following potential leads. Once a potential client shows interest in your product and services by contacting a salesperson, he/she is now considered a warm lead. But the potential client did not receive any reply or response, it can be a wasted opportunity. Be sure to remind your sales team to be on top of their sales calls and ensure that every inquiry is responded.

  1. Wasted time on unqualified prospects

Persistence is a very good quality, but it should be put into good use. If a salesperson is spending too much time trying to convert an unqualified lead to a potential customer, then time on attending potential leads is wasted. Be sure to brief your sales team about the difference between the two.

  1. Negative product reputation

When your product is perceived negatively by prospective buyers, it is hard to sell it to potential leads. Be sure to address complaints by past customers so you can repair any damage that a negative publicity can cause.

  1. Disavowing cold leads

To be clear, unqualified leads are different from cold leads. Cold leads are potential buyers that slipped through the hands of a salesperson. With the right strategy, you can convert this group to warm leads. So don’t take this audience for granted.

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