Why Getting An Outside Translation Partner Makes Sense

A lot of companies today are looking into hiring an in-house translation staff to do all their translation jobs. It might be because they can monitor these employees from time to time. But there are instances that partnering with an outside translation service would make sense. Below are the reasons why subscribing to one is more advantageous than getting an in-house staff:


  • You are not required to hire them

It is not every that you will be needing a translation service. Some companies have periodic needs when it comes to translation project. If you will be hiring an in-house staff to do the translation, there might be moments or phases that he will be out of work. Not only it can be costly for you since you need to take into account the compensation package of the in-house staff, but it can also demotivate the employee. Doing nothing for a long period of time might make them feel devalued.


Hiring an outside translation company would be more ideal as you are not required to hire them on a permanent basis but you can get them on a per project basis.


  • A multilingual person is not a substitute for a professional translator

Most companies think that if they have someone of their team that is multilingual, they think that there is no need for them to hire a professional translator. For one, there is a big difference between a multilingual and a translator. A multilingual individual can translate a message literally, not taking into account the context. On the other hand, a translator takes into consideration the context of the document which makes his translation more accurate and less literal.


  • You might be needing other language translator

Say you already hire an in-house translator who is proficient in one language to be part of your team. Then you realized that there are other documents that need to be translated in other languages. You can opt for hiring a whole team, but it can also be costly and the recruitment process can also take time. Going for an outside translation service would make it possible for you to get as many translators specializing in different languages without the pressure of hiring a whole team.


  • A technical translator might be in order

There are translation jobs that are more than language translation. Sometimes, you need to get a technical translator that can take on a different level of translation like translation of financial statements and medical translations. If you already have an in-house translator, you still need to hire another one to take on that job. An outside translation partner can provide both on a per project basis.

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