Which is Which? Differences Between Shabby Chic & Contemporary Furniture

People who wish to redo their homes are commonly confused amidst the different furniture types that are available these days. Two of the most typically used types of furniture these days are contemporary and shabby chic. Here’s a look into the main differences that exist amidst these two:

A look into shabby chic furniture

Shabby chic furniture is rather casual and is typically focused over furniture pieces that have a distressed look to them. However, the style is known to employ a number of accessories that are inclusive of picture frames, slip covers and a number of other ornaments that play a major role in achieving this look. The best part about shabby chic furniture is that it can be placed all through your home, and you may even decorate outdoor living spaces with it. The kinds of furniture that you should expect to use to achieve a shabby chic look include rustic furniture that has chipped paint over it. The furniture, including headboards Dubai, is usually more on the older side, or you could even make use of vintage furniture that has natural paint chipping formed over it all through the years. However, if you have newer pieces of furniture at hand, you could just place chipped paint over it yourself.

Even though this particular room décor is typically focused over the furniture style, it is common for decorators to make use of shabby chic accessories as well. For instance, shabby chic slipovers are commonly used over pieces of furniture that do not match the overall shabby chic look and style. Other items that can be used to complete the look are inclusive of chipped vases, chandeliers, and even picture frames. Other bits of furniture that are a suitable choice for those interested in achieving the shabby chic look are inclusive of cottage furniture and French country. The reason is that these have a rustic look to them, and that is just what shabby chic tries to achieve as well.

What contemporary furniture is all about

Furniture that has a contemporary look to it typically shares a number of characteristics amidst itself. It is typically created using modern materials and has a very ‘modern’ feel to it with quite a bit of metal, chrome and glass. In order to have a more appealing touch to it, the furniture has sharp angles, edges and asymmetrical lines to it. The overall texture of the furniture is fairly smooth and doesn’t have many carvings or decorative elements to it. Contemporary furniture, if truth be told, is all about a particular set of aesthetics, and is associated with creating clean lines, together with an uncluttered look and feel. The style is extremely popular at the moment, and takes on the ‘less is more’ philosophy to achieve a high-end look.

With all of this information in mind, you would be in a better position to decide as to which furniture style interests you most. For more information, visit https://meroe.me/ right now.

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