Space-saving Kitchen Interior Designs for Homes

The average size of homes around the world ranges from 500 square feet (China) to 2,500 square feet (Australia). Regardless of the size of your residence, you need to have sufficient space for the kitchen – the heart of any home. So, whether you have a huge kitchen space, or a modest and compact one, here are some key space-saving solutions that can help you maximize the space and function of your kitchen.

Reinvent the sink

Ditch the traditional double sinks and opt for a single sink to save space. This is especially useful for people who only need minimal space to wash dishes. A further space-saving solution is to choose undermount single sinks, which frees up more workspace and hides the edges of the sink, giving your Dubai kitchen design a streamlined look.

Opt for wall-mounted storage

Conventional wall-mounted cabinets are common in any kitchen. But these are not the only storage solutions you can affix on walls. You can have wall-mounted shelves and hooks where you can place or hang your kitchenware. It saves space and keeps your kitchen tools organized and easy to reach. Popular uses of this space-saving technique include mounted knife racks and wall-mounted pot racks. Wall shelves are also great for storing your assortment of spices and small food supplies, such as coffee, tea, and sugar.

Build compact kitchen island/cabinets

If the space in your kitchen can accommodate an island, build one that is smartly designed. The island should be outfitted with drawers for additional storage space. If you have limited space in the kitchen, the island can double as a dining area. Try to fit in some space underneath so you can store small chairs or stools, or even a wine rack.

Harness the corner spaces

With today’s innovative space solutions, kitchen corners can now be used to increase storage space. There are drawers especially designed and built for this area, which minimizes the inconvenience of opening the cabinet on the left, then on the right. You can also place a sink in the corner, or even fit in a spice rack.

Pull-out pantry

Pull-out pantry cabinets are one of the greatest innovations today. These are ideal for people who want to add extra storage space to their kitchens, without obstructing or overcrowding the overall design. Aside from food items, pull-out kitchen cabinets can store pots, small appliances, and other kitchen utensils.

Go for minimalist appliances and hardware

Some people tend to splurge on bulky kitchen appliances. Yes, these offer more features, but do you really need all those? Instead of getting carried away by these smart appliances, buy ones that suffice for your need. Choose a mini microwave or a small dishwasher. You can also opt for multi-purpose appliances so you don’t have to buy several items. For more creative inspirations on space saving, go to this website.

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