Unconventional Services You can Provide as a Digital Marketing Company

When we talk about digital marketing firms and advertising agencies, the most common thing that comes to mind is selling a product. This may involve branding, website and logo design, social media, or even traditional print ad campaigns, but the bottom line is that it involves ways to help companies and business sell their products or services.

But the thing is, the services that a digital marketing agency provides isn’t necessarily limited to just that. There are a lot more services that an agency can provide its clients; this largely depends on their creativity and dedication. If you are at the helm of a fledgling marketing firm, then you may find potential in providing services besides what’s commonly known, all for the sake of building your company and gaining traction.

Below are two unconventional services that a startup digital marketing agency like your own can include to the repertoire.

Printing services

Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead. It’s very much alive in the magazine industry, and also in the marketing field. As a startup, you can capitalize on this and provide print-related services. For starters, you can print out business cards for your clients, brochures, and even employee identification cards if you have an ID printing machine.

Printing services don’t necessarily have to be one of your main services to rake in the cash, but it would be a great supplementary service to the digital work that you do for your clients. When done the right way, your print and digital services are a great combination.

Photography services

Pictures paint a thousand words. We’ve all heard that cliché. But, as old as the saying is, it stays relevant to this day. Aside from copywriting and other services that heavily on the written word, it would be a great idea to do photo marketing for your clients in the Emirates.

Usually, photoshoots and even video shoots are outsourced to specialized service providers, but if you have an in-house team to do it, you can save on costs and have more control of the output.

Again, these two are just supplementary services that you can choose to provide your clients. They are simple enough, but if done right, they can generate a good income for your business. When you grow, you can provide even more services or focus more on your main money makers which is branding and everything that has to do with it.