Self-Guided Walking Tour Hacks

Walking tours are those taken on foot, usually in short distances within a city. These can be guided (i.e. those with hired tour guides) or self-guided (i.e. with the aid of brochures, pamphlets, audio recordings, etc.). The main mission of walking tours is to provide more details about cultural landmarks or heritage sites. Travelling to foreign places and not knowing about how it came to be is a bit of a waste. To maximize the travel experience, everyone must immerse into the history and culture and achieve to catch a glimpse into the past, present, and future of that destination.

So what else do you need to learn to maximize your walking tour, except of course walking and listening to your guide or reading your travel aids? Here are some tips to master the art of self-guided walking tours.


  1. Flat water bottle packs

These bottle packs are a genius way to ensure you are hydrated but you don’t pack in extra water bottle weight on your bag. Because you will be walking around for half a day or maybe the entire day, you need to make sure you carry water with you or have a container you can fill in case you run out of it. For people who find bottled water expensive in foreign countries, this is a tip to save too.


  1. Electronic Tour Guides

Instead of carrying bulky pamphlets, a CD player, or thick travel guidebooks, check for electronic counterparts that you can save on your phone. Interactive GPS walking tour guides are now available and are way more awesome than it sounds. Imagine a live tour guide and the Waze app together.


  1. Download local food guide apps

More and more developers are coming up with these amazing food and restaurant locator apps which you can get either as a free download or paid. If you get tired from walking and would like to take a brief coffee break, then check out these apps which can point you to hip cafes and shops recommended by the locals. It’s like having a friend from that country who knows the best food stops. Check out this list of recommended resto apps to start.


  1. Hop-On, Hop-Off Buses

Walking tours does not mean you really have to walk all those miles. To get to a farther location in the city, you can choose to ride buses. Hop-on, hop-off buses cover all the tourist spots and have fixed intervals. If from one station you got tired of strolling, you can take this bus to go to the next instead of just walking all the way.


On a group tour in UAE, you can take Dubai city tour bus. If you want guided tours instead of just wandering around by yourself, Funtours can help you! Just go to this website, send them an email, and they will take over everything from there. Good luck and enjoy your tour!