Reasons to open a company in RAK freezone

After UAE almost every other country is looking forward towards the establishment of freezones. Previously, people were not much aware about the freezones, now they are getting more aware and due to the increased awareness, companies are having accelerated growth.

Freezones are very famous across UAE and almost every other person knows that. There are so many freezones in UAE but RAK free zone companies are reaping most of the benefits.

Diversification-An open approach!

Previously UAE used to depend solely on the oil trade. It was famous for the trading and as the most important port. It’s wonderful to see that UAE has open up itself to a new approach of globalization. Now UAE is the eye-candy of renowned entrepreneurs. Well, off-course UAE has opened up the doors of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Every freezone in Dubai has different set of rules. Dubai has its own freezones, other cities have their own freezones but here RAK freezones stands out from the rest. It’s just an hour distance from Dubai if you are travelling by car.

Easy licensing

In other cities there are possibilities that you have problems while registering your companies. On the contrary freezone in RAK gives you the ease of getting it done in a smooth manner. You don’t face any problem in licensing or during registration process. So, for sure it is the best location if you have planned to set up your office in UAE.

Free trade zone

RAK free trade zone is considered as one of the awe-inspiring trade zone in Dubai, It is just merely 45 minutes away from the Dubai International airport. Rake freetrade zone are famous as RAK-FTZ. RAK free trade zones have awe-inspiring facilities for you, they have the best office spaces, they have the accommodation facilities and a good thing is that they have quite low startup cost. You can say that, you name it and RAK already have it in bucket for you.

Offshore company formation is easy

RAK offshore company formation is easy as long as you follow the complete procedure. You get to work in a totally tax-free environment. You can open up your business in RAK and can operate it with low budget. But yes you need to learn English because that’s the basic medium of communication there. What else can be better option other than opening up your startup in RAK free trade zone? Nothing can be!