Things To Consider In Painting Your Home Office

Painting is one of the simplest yet most important duties you are going to undertake in designing your home office. It is very easily overlooked, but it can greatly influence the overall feel of your home office experience.

You want your home office to be stimulating and productive; but you also want to keep that soothing, homey ambiance. How do you keep that balance? In this article, I am going to share to you some things I learned from some of the experts of a great painting service in Dubai.



Studies have proven that colors affect us on a physiological level. Different colors affect us differently. So while going white seems like a no-brainer (It is safe, clean, and neutral.), it might not give you that particular feel you want in your home office. Here are some other colors you can consider:


Blue. Blue is a color that stimulates the mind; it has been dubbed “the most productive color.” It is great for spaces used for mental work and decision-making.

Yellow. Yellow is a color that stimulates the ego, the spirit. It gives off a sense of optimism. It is great for spaces used for creative work.

Red. Red is a color that stimulates the physical. It is known to stimulate the appetite and to help increase heart rates. It is great for spaces used for physical work.

Green. Green is a color that gives off a feeling of balance. It soothes the eyes and calms the mind. It is great for spaces used for team work, for brainstorming, for innovation.



While individual colors may give us the stimulation we want in our home office, it is important to note that too much of a single color is not good. It gives off a feeling of being too uniform and being too organized, and may increase stress and anxiety.

So after deciding on the main color of your home office, you should then decide on a complementary color or two that you can use as accents to enhance the feeling of balance in your space.



As important as the colors themselves is their intensity. Different intensities of the same color also affect us differently.

As a general rule, high saturation stimulates and low saturation soothes. You just have to decide whether you want your home office to be more stimulating, or more soothing.



The texture and the type of paint is also important to consider. The glossier, shinier paint is better for high energy, high intensity work. The flatter paint is better for a calm, soothing environment.


After finalizing the paint job you want for your home office, you are now ready to paint! Or, have a reliable, professional paint service ordered. For inquiries and job orders, just Visit Our Website!