Space Planning Tips When Designing Your Commercial Space

Having your commercial space redone is a big leap of faith. For business owners, it means changing some things in their office space that might affect the continuity of some of the stakeholders. Commercial fit out Dubai experts agree that although it might seem a little disappointing in the beginning, you will definitely see its positive effect once the revamp is done.


But as mentioned, there will be changes entailed, especially on the floor plan. You might need to relocate some aspect of the business, which is why you may need to check out these tips to ensure that you are doing this right.


  1. Review your office area

The first thing that you need to do is study your area. Get the current office plan and see how it is working for everybody. From there, you can make a list of things you need to change, what enhancement should be made and what hindrances should be removed.


  1. Be mindful of the functions

Aside from the aesthetics, the reason why you are revamping your business space is to help make work efficiently for your employees. So be sure to keep the space functionality on top of the list when planning the layout.


  1. Be strategic on the placing

This can be tricky since you have to thoroughly think about the placement of all the things, even the furniture. Consider the functionality of each before putting them in a specific place. They might look good for the eye, but if they cause hindrance to the people, then it would be best to ditch that idea.



  1. Welcome some open space

Open spaces create a breathing room for your guest and employees so consider it when doing a revamp.  You should also consider the spaces between the furniture like tables and chairs. Create a breathing room for your equipment.


  1. Say no to cramming

Speaking for breathing room, you should remember not to cram everything in one space. Find a way that everybody gets the ample space that they need without breaking the order of things. This may include transferring a department to a much bigger space or creating and allotting space for everything.


  1. Do not forget the storage

Storage is an integral part of a business space since this where you are going to store stuff that needs to be stored.  So allot an ample space for your storage.


  1. Seek professional help

It would still best to consult an interior fit out companies in UAE to help you with this. Office revamp is a big project and the help of a professional would help you take the burden off your shoulder.