Important stationery that you must not overlook

The one thing for sure is that parents literally go crazy all through the year looking for stationery for their school going children. As kids indulge in different activities at school and in class, it is necessary for them to have the right stationery at hand. However, what you need to bear in mind here is the fact that your child may not use all the stationery you buy for him as their utilization depends more so on the grade your child studies in.


When it comes to primary school, student stationery essentials consist of things like glue, scissors and colour pencils. At this stage of school, teachers usually ask students to cut out worksheets and then use glue to stick them on their work books. After that, they are usually asked to add in a bit of a colourful background. Considering the fact that teachers continue to encourage students to work in a neat and clean manner, it is highly recommended for you to get everything required for this purpose.


Every other day, it is necessary for children to make something of an artistic nature in class. For this, they at times require cardboard and wood glue. Apart from that, it is also vital for your child to have an eraser, two pencils, two pens, a standard calculator and a ruler. For the record, the said calculator is only going to be used for basic mathematics. Next, your child will also be required to have several workbooks that are properly covered.


Next come high school students. When in high school, your child’s work load is going to get doubled for sure. For this, they will also require colourful pens and highlighters. Remember, adding a bit of colour to text can make it easier for your kid to study, so make sure that you don’t overlook this stationery. If anything, highlighters and other stuff will also be used later on in life if you look up what to take to university. All of these are very important bits of stationery that are going to be used in the long term all through your child’s academic career. Apart from that, your child is also going to require folders so that he can put away his worksheets in a neat and clean manner without making too much of a mess.


Bear in mind that there might be a lot more that your child may require. If possible, it is best for you to get stationery items in bulk so you don’t have to worry about them all through the year.

Information on getting a quote from a voice over artist

Before taking on the services of a voice over artist, it is highly recommended for you to get a quote from them. This is going to make it easier for you to sort out your budget for the job. However, here’s a look into how you should go about getting a quote from your chosen artist:

Script should be part of the conversation

Yes, this one is pretty obvious, but at the same time, this is something most people overlook when speaking with a British voice over artist. When creating a quote and proposal, having a script in hand is definitely going to help the artist out. If anything, it will go a long way in terms of finding out about the final script length. Most importantly, he will also be able to comprehend the nature of the script. This way, if the quote is specific to a certain industry of a medical or technical nature, the artist will be able to research and learn the right pronunciations of the words. This is obviously something that the artist will factor in when giving you a quote. In case you don’t have a script ready, make sure that you discuss an estimate of the number of words with him.
What tone and style are you interested in?
It is extremely important for the voice over artist to know the sort of feel and style you are interested in getting from the script. It is best for you to give them an audio sample so they may figure things out. You need to let them know if you want a conversational, light, humorous, serious tone or more of an authoritative read for the script.

Do you want special effects or background music?

The artist that you are interested in working with needs to know if you are interested in using special effects or background music. While working at voice over recording studios, this will help them provide you with a better quote for the project and you will also find out if they have the potential to provide the additional sounds as well.

Information about the audio file format

You need to bear in mind the fact that there are countless audio file formats out there these days. In most cases, the voice over artist you choose to work with would be more than willing to provide the recording to you in the format you are interested in. However, for this, it is necessary for you to let them know in advance as to what audio file format you want.

Protect the world by tinting your windows with solar films

Every person has a certain level of carbon footprint. This means that everyone uses a certain level of energy and he releases a certain level of carbon dioxide. Being able to reduce this footprint will save both the environment as well as energy bills. Using high quality solar films for window tinting Dubai for any company is the best way that they can install a cost-effective solution for controlling the temperature without having to spend a large amount of money.


There are countries which require the business to maintain a certain temperature in their working place to ensure good performance of the employees.  If the building has large windows also can cause glare problems for the workers. Glare is a problem for the people who are working in the production line or who use computers for a long period. These problems can easily be reduced by using a transparent and light material known as polyethylene terephthalate, which begun like pellet. If the material is melted, it will get stretched in a thin sheet. This sheet will then be treated and dyed while a thin metal will be added to it. The film will be treated depending on where you want to use it. It comes with one adhesive side and a scratch resistant side on the other.


You will begin to enjoy the comfortability offered by these solar window tints as soon as you apply them. The people who work near the windows will be protected against the ultraviolet rays from the sun and they will not have to apply the sunscreen creams again. The sheets will not provide the protection to the employees alone but also to the office furniture. If there is no direct sunlight that reaches the fabric of the furniture, they will stay longer and brighter for long time which means the company can save money. Most importantly, these can be applied on car windows as well, and when paired with car paint protection Dubai, it can work wonders in terms of protecting the look and feel of your vehicle.


Besides saving the company the money in the replacement of the furniture, it can also enjoy other incentives such as tax rebates and saving on bills. They help in reducing the bills on air conditioning since the heat will no longer escape especially in the winter. When the glass has been treated in this way, there will be no longer any problem caused by the glare of television and flat screen computer.

Unconventional Services You can Provide as a Digital Marketing Company

When we talk about digital marketing firms and advertising agencies, the most common thing that comes to mind is selling a product. This may involve branding, website and logo design, social media, or even traditional print ad campaigns, but the bottom line is that it involves ways to help companies and business sell their products or services.

But the thing is, the services that a digital marketing agency provides isn’t necessarily limited to just that. There are a lot more services that an agency can provide its clients; this largely depends on their creativity and dedication. If you are at the helm of a fledgling marketing firm, then you may find potential in providing services besides what’s commonly known, all for the sake of building your company and gaining traction.

Below are two unconventional services that a startup digital marketing agency like your own can include to the repertoire.

Printing services

Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead. It’s very much alive in the magazine industry, and also in the marketing field. As a startup, you can capitalize on this and provide print-related services. For starters, you can print out business cards for your clients, brochures, and even employee identification cards if you have an ID printing machine.

Printing services don’t necessarily have to be one of your main services to rake in the cash, but it would be a great supplementary service to the digital work that you do for your clients. When done the right way, your print and digital services are a great combination.

Photography services

Pictures paint a thousand words. We’ve all heard that cliché. But, as old as the saying is, it stays relevant to this day. Aside from copywriting and other services that heavily on the written word, it would be a great idea to do photo marketing for your clients in the Emirates.

Usually, photoshoots and even video shoots are outsourced to specialized service providers, but if you have an in-house team to do it, you can save on costs and have more control of the output.

Again, these two are just supplementary services that you can choose to provide your clients. They are simple enough, but if done right, they can generate a good income for your business. When you grow, you can provide even more services or focus more on your main money makers which is branding and everything that has to do with it.