8 Common Italian Words Without Exact English Translation

English translation Dubai companies like us love collecting and explaining Italian (and other languages too!) words and phrases without exact English translation. They are challenging and entertaining at the same time. Read on to learn some of them.

  1. Apericena

You would often hear this Italian word before lunch or dinner. In English, it is best translated to pre-dinner drinks along with some food. Apericena is a mix of “aperitivo” which means pre-dinner drink and “cena” which means dinner.

  1. Magari

This word is somehow complicated because it has various meanings in Italian. In typical conversations, the word is used as “probably” or “maybe.” However, someone who says magari with exclamation expresses a strong desire for something. A good example is if a friend would tell you that he’ll give you a Lamborghini, you would most likely say “magari!” In English, it is close to “If only it’s true!”

  1. Uffa

This is an expression you’d often hear from people who are either extremely bored or frustrated.  In English, this can be “blah” or “meh” or “ught.”? Italians usually enunciate the “f” longer (uffffffa) to express how awful they feel.

  1. Boh

This Italian word has no synonym in English. It translates to “I don’t know.”  However, there are times when it’s used to express sarcasm or arrogance such as “I don’t know. What kind of person are you to think I would?”

  1. Pantofolaio

This Italian word has so much humor. It came from the word “pantofole” which translates to slippers. A “pantofolaio” is an idle person who prefers to stay at home “on his slippers” rather than do something outside. In English, the nearest translation for pantofolaio is couch potato.

  1. Menefreghista

This word is an Italian adjective that describes someone who doesn’t care about anything. In English, it can also mean uncaring or inconsiderate.

  1. Abbiocco

People from different parts of the globe often experience this but only Italians have a noun for it. Abbiocco is the feeling of wanting to sleep after eating a full meal. We admire Italians for being able to express this in just one word.

  1. Meriggiare

This word is close to siesta. Its only difference is that the person or an animal is resting under the shade. It is often said during summer.

If you’re having a hard time translating Italian words, phrases or even lengthy content, don’t hesitate to seek help from a translation agency Dubai. We are very much willing to help.

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